To better serve our customers' needs, we offer a fillable Uniform Residential Loan Application that enables you to type in your information. We encourage you to click on the file and download it first, saving it in an easily found location. After entering all of the data required, you can print copies for signatures and fax, email, or deliver to our office. Please note that this is a legal sizedocument (8.5in. x 14in.). Please print on legal size paper or shrink to letter size.

The first step in securing a loan is to complete a loan application. Pay stubs for the past 1 month, W-2 forms for the past 2 years, Information on long-term debts, Recent bank statements, Tax returns for the past 2 years, Proof of any other income, Address and description of the property to buy, Sales contract
If you need assistance or have trouble with any of the documents, please call us at (434) 447-3200.